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Cocoa: What a Big Bottom You Have

Over the last 12 months, Cocoa has been forming a very big bottom formation. Big bottoms can support big moves, particularly if there is little resistance to impede it. I see big things for this market  in the coming months – may be a 30% advance in price. Following ...

Bad Forecasting Damage

My friend and technical analyst colleague, Nicole Elliott has written a thought-provoking piece in the STA journal. You can read it HERE. I have long been a knocker of the value of economists and forecasters. It started my blog five years ago, What is the Point of Economists,...
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Q&A How Much Will it Cost Me to Becoming a Professionally Qualified Technical Analyst?

There are two aspects to this question. One cost is time and the other is money. Let us assume we are going the IFTA Certified Financial Technician route and are looking to have CFTe after our name.  Time: It takes years, decades, more than one lifetime to become a proficient...