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Big Bad Moment in Retail Brokerage

On March 27th, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published its long-awaited verdict on the conduct of brokers in the industry. It fulfilled all the fears in the retail brokerage industry and will be fatal for some and force others to merge.  Sadly the excesses of a...
What next for the dollar?

Where’s next for the US dollar? But Wait…We Do Not Know

I saw and interesting piece of quant research by a very well respected investment bank which looks at the performance before and after a rate hike. It draws so conclusions and admits some mixed results in its analysis. The conclusion and headline is: “The Trade Weighted US...

Portfolio and Risk Management Software Test – PsyQuation

I have built a comprehensive and complex risk and portfolio monitoring programme. I did it for my own purposes and it is built out of my own experience and years. It has taken literally decades to develop. I wanted it to be just right for my purposes and the investment in time...