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Derivatives Expert

Areas of Expertise Technical Analysis Derivatives and Futures Thomson Reuters/ CQG  Clive Lambert is the founder, and continues to be the main contributor, for FuturesTechs. He has been in the City for 30 years, has been in the Futures Market for 25+ years as a Broker and Trader, and has been writing Technical Analysis for over 15 years. He is a Board Member of the U.K. Society of Technical Analysts. He has spoken at several of the Society’s monthly meetings over the years and has also been enlisted as a regular lecturer on the Society’s annual Diploma Course, covering a wide range of subjects. He was on the board between 2003 and 2011 and rejoined in 2015. He has taught Technical Analysis around the world, numbering the CME Group and London Stock Exchange among his clients in this respect. He has had articles published in various Technical Analysis publications, is regularly quoted on the leading newswires, has appeared regularly on CNBC, and now is seen on Core Finance weekly (usually Fridays!).

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Technical Analyst

Trevor Neil, is one of Europe’s leading and most experienced technical analysis experts and fund managers. He has been a trader for nearly 40 years. As well as managing one fund and advising on another, he consults to major institutions working with traders and analysts to develop their advanced market timing skills. He does this through seminars, mentoring and consultancy.

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Financial Markets & Risk Management
Peter Skerritt

Peter Skerritt & Associates is a training and consultancy company, specialising in financial markets, derivatives and risk management. Peter presents courses in a number of centres across the African continent. Peter runs courses preparing for the ACI Dealing Certificate, ACI Diploma and ACI Operations Certificate as well as Professional Risk ManangerTM. These courses can now we arranged by BETA Group. Send a message to and ask for a proposal for a course at your firm.

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Eikon Charting and Metastock Pro Expert

Glyn Bradney graduated from Imperial College, London, with an honours degree in Chemistry in the summer of 1968. Subsequently he has always worked in the financial markets sector in London. A trader in London for 20 years, over half of this as chief dealer, he joined (Thomson) Reuters in 1992 as a charting / technical analysis specialist, and continued in that role with a global responsibility until finally leaving the company and joining BETA Group at the end of January 2014.

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Trading Performance Coach

Steven Goldstein has almost 30 years of market experience, both as a trader and as performance coach with traders and portfolio managers. Steven’s experience includes trading cash and derivative products in the FX and Fixed Income markets. Recently Steven has gained a strong understanding of Behavioural Finance and now lectures on the subject for the STA Diploma.

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